Anonymous said: I don't have the courage to tell you who I am, because I feel like it's pretty pathetic. I'm sorry.

I bet it’s not . I think it’s a shame I have no idea who you are 

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Anonymous said: I don't actually think you do look at me the same way, because you never said so, nor showed any signs that you do. I don't want you to know who I am because if you'll find out, you'll probably never talk to me again.

I really want to know who you are :( and i swear i’ll still talk to you

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similar here 
(q’d - have a good day cutie x)

Tattoo blog ♠

Tattoo blog

Anonymous said: I wish you'd look at me the same way I look at you.

well maybe I do but we can´t know that because you´re being anonymous. 

so reveal yourself!!!!

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My first tattoo in two years! I was overdue for one. Panel from The Amazing Spider-Man #353. Done by Fermin Hernandez at Central City Tattoo in San Bernardino, CA.

Neil Westfall of A Day To Remember